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Turn Your Idea into Gold! 

Hey, you!

Congratulations on starting your entrepreneurial venture!
Did you know the word ‘entrepreneur’ translates into ‘adventurer?’
After all, being an entrepreneur is anything but the usual nine-to-five office work with a steady paycheck.
You invest more of your personal time in keeping your business above water. Scaling and making it big is even more challenging.

And if you’re a woman…

• The odds are stacked so high against you that it makes it even trickier still.

 • You walk into a crowded seminar and can count the number of women there on the one hand…

 • You can’t find any good mentors and advisors, which restrains your professional growth…

 • It is more difficult for you to build connections and find customers, partners, and suppliers than men…

Not to mention…

As a woman, you’re more likely to underestimate your capabilities and need support to understand the value you possess.

 But… You are not alone!

Boldifi is a collaborative of diverse, independent, and resourceful women just like you!

We’re familiar with every nuance of being a digital female founder.

That’s why we help women get started in their ventures, overcome the obstacles, and successfully sustain and grow them into 6-figure businesses – and build a life they imagined for themselves!

Experience the flexibility, abundance, profitability, and other perks of being your own boss!

Find your entrepreneurial community

Reap the financial Rewards

Get education on how to make money online

Accomplish business and life goals with one easy to use tool!

Having the right planner can make or break your goals and productivity – quite literally!

The digital goalsetting planner is a well-thought-out concept developed after 3 years of input from hundreds of women in business.

 • Contains 100 pages, 50 business tools, guides, and contract templates
 • Can be written on and edited through pdf annotation apps and is optimized for use with pads and tablets

Get Organized and Start Reaching Goals

The Female Entrepreneur's Startup Education Source – The Bold Digital Incubator Membership

With its 8 core modules of expert led trainings, a private members only community, and monthly coaching by Boldifi founder Shampaigne Graves, The Bold Digital will help you:

- Master an entrepreneurial mindset
-Build an unforgettable brand
-Scale your online business and be supported by an all-star team that has your back
- Find a mind-body-soul balance
- Learn from successful entrepreneurs
- Increase your self-confidence

Build Your Online Business Starting at only $20/month

You can be Unstoppable!
Take charge of your business.

Let’s face it: Your network and mentors often spell the difference between failure and success.
 And if you've been waiting for the right opportunity, the right community, you don’t have to wait any longer!

Boldifi will help you:
 • Fast track your journey to building a six-figure empire
 • Become the master of your own schedule
 • Live the ultimate entrepreneur lifestyle
 • Surround yourself with people who share your vision Join the ranks of six-figure entrepreneurs by hanging out where they do!

What Our Bold Babes Are Saying About Us…

"Absolutely LOVE the vision behind this mission." 
- Nita Okoye 

"They're really exemplifying what it means to lead a business with intention and heart." 
- Monica Lopez 

"Loved the new ladies I met." 
- Brandy Wilson Edwards 

"Learning new things about business everyday!" 
- Heather Belle

We help you build your vision:

Plan Strategically

Set up yourself for success. Establish a direction, vision, and goals. Get help planning actionable goals and devise a strategic roadmap for your business.

Move Closer to Your Goals

Learn how to build and grow your business. Take online courses from successful entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts. Benefit from their experience.

Meet & Mingle

Connect and communicate with like-minded female entrepreneurs who share your vision and goals. Share your struggles and find support from people who have been there too.

Create a lifetime income stream

Ensure financial success for your business and yourself. Discover tips and techniques that help you with team building and scaling your business.

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Unblock your limiting beliefs holding you back. Empower yourself and your business and create an abundance in your life.

You’ve Always Dreamed About It, Now You Have the Tools to Do It!

Wouldn’t you like to have a supportive community that believes in you?

At Boldifi , you will never feel like you are the only woman facing the hurdles of entrepreneurship.

Doesn’t matter if you are just starting your venture or have been in business for a while. Our membership is specifically designed to help you grow your business, get more visibility, and have the support and guidance to take your business to the next level of success.

Join Boldifi and get access to opportunities, expert workshops & other bonus content as well as a supportive community that has your back!

More about Boldifi 

Formerly known as Bold Babes Co, Boldifi was founded in 2018 with just a $20 investment. After strategically building the brand with exchange of resources and services with other women owned brands, Boldifi was able to reach over 100,000 women online with its content and services. Boldifi is committed to give busy women in business the keys to everything successful women use to build their businesses. Our program fit into the schedules and budgets of our bold babes and give them full accountability. Explore all our offers to find out why we help women like you start and stay in business.