Accessibility is Helping your Business's Google Results

As our world becomes more focused on the inclusion of others, it seems that technology platforms are finally catching up. 

Everything from automatic captions to alternative tags on Instagram have been implemented recently. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to be doing with all of your online social content NOW! 

Alternative Tags on Instagram: It’s not a secret anymore that Facebook has merged with Instagram and Zuckerberg is leading the charge in the accessibility tech movement. The Instagram platform is being turned into a video monetization machine (but we’ll get to that later) so when you do actually have a static post it's nice to take advantage of this feature. You can access alt tags on both business and personal profiles by editing your post, adding a description of your photo and pressing post. Insider Tip: You can add keywords from your website in the alt tags to help your SEO results. 

Automatic Captions on Stories and Videos: Okay you’re in luck when it comes to video because Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram now all have automatic caption capabilities. Facebook even has automatic captions for live streaming. Before online biz owners were shelling out BIG BUCKS to add captions to their video content now the social media landscape has changed and understands that accessible platforms are vital in improving both the user experience but clients aka small business owners who pay for ads experience better too. 

Heading Document Titles: If you’re in the high ticket authority space you know that gaining a following on LinkedIn is straight “bag work” but that starts with having an amazing content strategy on the platform. Viral posts happen often on the platform by the usual players but one content strategy that is seen repeatedly is using documents to create a “swipe through” narrative. These documents provide an amazing way for your thought expertise to be reshared on the platform but that level of engagement STARTS WITH A GREAT DOCUMENT TITLE. The feature is designed for accessibility purposes but has amazing SEO results as well. When used correctly it can get your profile in front of millions. 

If you need a more in depth education on social media platforms we suggest picking up our Ultimate Technology Guide. Want the guide plus even more tools and training? Become a member of The Bold Digital to get access to tools like The Caption Calculator which helps you create the perfect social captions that will make YOUR AUDIENCE DO WHAT YOU WANT! 

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