How to Choose Brand Colors

Branding is a term that has so many branches to it. Products, personal, service, geographical, cultural and retail all play a role in sending a clear message to your audience. Think of branding as a belief system for your business! Color can be put into these branches in a consistent fashion that creates an expectation and standard. 

Reputation then has to be protected when it comes to branding, remember!

Now that we know that color is important in branding, it is time to break down the meaning behind your business branding. The meaning of your business brand evokes an emotion and guess what- color evokes emotion.

The key to creating your visual brand is to pick colors that "fix" or reverse and emotion that is not desired. If you are in a business/environment that is stressful, find one that is is calming. This is where color psychology comes into play! 

Another method is to choose colors that reminds your prospects of something else, help them envision as much as possible. Become an emotional magician!

You want colors to compliment each other and give a vibe when you look at them as a whole. You can go the contrasting route as well..

 A good rule of thumb is to have 3 colors, for at the maximum. You don't want to overwhelm people since every color represents a concept. 

You also have to think of the color family that your chosen color is from so be mindful.

Feeling up to the challenge of choosing your brand colors? Let's get started with this guide



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