How to Create Your Unique Brand


Jillian Jade is a branding specialist and founder of "Blaze your Brand." a program that helps new female entrepreneurs create a brand that speaks to their ideal client. Jillian is also an expert trainer inside The Bold Digital incubator membership. During her training, Jillian breaks down all of the elements of a unique brand. 



The "poster child" of your company. A visual representation of the name of your company. Make sure it is memorable and creative.

The vibe

This is the energy/attitude that your company brings to the table. How do the models act, dress speak in commercials or in pictures? What gradient of colors/ filters do you use as a staple element?

Do what you expect on a consistent basis from competing brands.

Hold your brand to those same standards in your industry. This will help you become competition and not keep you top of mind compared to the back burner.

Uniqueness is your USP

There is only one you and no one else like you, so use that to your advantage. What in your brand makes you stand out? What angle do market at? What language or pricing tiers do you use? Find your selling advantage point and you will be golden.

Be relatable, find target market buying motives

Reverse engineer why people are clicking on items. Put yourself in their shoes even if you are not your company's avatar. Once you find out some information, it will be easier for you to include your product/services in their mental conversation and make your site more desired to be clicked on.

Triggers are important to remember,

Like a domino effect, if enough pressure is applied over a certain amount of time in the right place...then it doesn't matter WHERE they click "buy now" Again some intent has to be shown emotionally to get the brain gears moving. Treat the buying journey as just that. You have to give them an experience. You don't want the customer to forget why they ended up on your sales page, because then they won't remember why they should stay.

Your brand is an experience,

Create a memories for people and they are likely to return.

You have to know details about your target customer,

The more details you have, the better. You will be able to zero on who is likely to be interested from out the gate.

You have to be intentional

With everything you do in the public eye, it is important to do it for a result that will help your business, not because you have nothing else created and a deadline has passed. Don't give people your "leftover" creativity. Always give your best.

Some reminders

Don't think of what is convenient for you and the resources that you use or are used to. Step it up a notch every time.

You will have to learn something new in one way or another. 

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