The New Social Media Platform for Subject Matter Leaders

“Who wants an invite?, $20 each” 

“I’ve got 5 extra invites, who wants one?” 

“Giving an exclusive strategy session in my room, who wants in?” 

If you’ve been online at all you’ve probably seen some variation of the posts above. Clubhouse is the new and exclusive invite-only app that has risen to popular girl status of the social media chain pretty quickly. 

What is Clubhouse? 

The concept of clubhouse is pretty simple. It’s a social networking app that allows users to gather in audio rooms for a variety of discussions. The rooms are controlled by moderators who can mute and unmute speakers at their discretion. 

What is the appeal? 

Okay so now that we understand what clubhouse is, let’s dive into why the app is so dang popular! 

  • Hands-free: Because the app is audio only. Many users rave about the ability to multitask while inside of the rooms learning. 
  • Innovator Status: Clubhouse was only introduced to the market last spring. Current users often talk about the excitement of being the first users of the new technology. 
  • Power Trip: The ability to kick users out of rooms has long been a point of both contention as well as delight for clubhouse users. The lack of oversight with this feature allows users to have total control over the content inside their rooms but this definitely presents censorship problems as well. 

Want an invite? 

Sorry we don’t have any invites on hand, but we do have a theory as to #1 reason why this clubhouse is the best new thing since sliced bread, the exclusivity. 

Rolling out the app with the invite- only feature was a risky move that definitely paid off for creators, Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson.

Another super popular social media app did the same thing when it premiered, Pinterest

But how can you apply this model to the launch of your next big project?  

Start with an innovator group: Affiliate marketing is a great way to get the word out about your business but it’s not enough anymore to recruit bloggers to distribute your coupon codes; you need to recruit a group of influencers that are truly passionate about your project. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If they wouldn’t buy it with their own money, these aren’t your people. 

Be Unique: While every other social media platform was focused on video, clubhouse decided to be unique and focus on audio. Take notice of what everyone else is doing around you and do something different. 

Get exclusive: Remember that innovator group? Use them as your only marketing avenue to introduce your project to market. Allow them to take the lead and create the urgency, exclusivity, and appeal you’re chasing. 

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