How to Become a Female Entrepreneur

Are you wondering how to become an entrepreneur? Or have you thought about starting a business and just aren't sure where to begin?

This blog will explain the mental process for coming up with a business idea that will have you earning money quickly.

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Here are the 11 steps to take when starting a business

  1. Forget what you had in mind. Most businesses are founded upon need, not want.
  2. Add to a platform that you already have, whether that's a blog or youtube channel. It should complement the content of your current audience.
  3. Do it anyway! Your product may look ugly in the beginning, but it's the movement that will get the attention, not the product.
  4. Be resourceful. Use have you have right now (literally) whether its money or equipment to get what you want done. It will open up other opportunities that may not have otherwise happened.
  5. Collaborate. You never know who is willing to help unless you show yourself and ask. You can end up with free promotion!
  6. Advertise. Spread the word about your mission (free or paid) and see who responds. This will show you your market and target audience.
  7. Know your why! You have to have a strong enough core to drive you in entrepreneurship, without it you will see no need to continue. It has to be bigger than you
  8. Admit your weaknesses. Successful business owners know what they need to work on to become well rounded
  9. Surround yourself with the right people. Supporters who believe in your goals and are willing to help you get there.
  10. Encourage yourself. If you don't fight for your goals, who will?
  11. Document the journey. This endeavor is a marathon, not a sprint. This will allow you to be able to compare and contrast, show data and proof of concept.
There are so many reasons to consider becoming an entrepreneur.
Here are 3 reasons other women started a business.
  1. You can make money in an industry you love being in. Nothing feels better than to do something in a field that you love and enjoy. It's not work if it's fun!
  2. You are the boss! You can work when you want and as many hours as you want, pay yourself (reasonably) and punch out when you want.

  3.  You have the opportunity to help others. Being in the position to give back and offer others advice, pay, and support to better themselves is the best charity.

That's what it takes to be a business owner!

Congratulations! You now have the mindset of an entrepreneur!

My biggest tip to you is: just start. The only way to become a successful entrepreneur that makes money is to just get your product or service out there.

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