10 Steps For Systems Thinkers!

Is there a system to selling? 

This is a question that Ashley Allison answers daily for her high performing corporate clients. 

Ashley is a sales and marketing coach who knows how to get results. She's also an expert trainer inside The Bold Digital Incubator. The core education inside The Bold Digital was created to help you get access to experts who have made the 5 and 6 figure mistakes, so you don't have to!

Inside her training, Ashley breaks down the 10 steps you need to follow in order create a system for your sales process. 

Step 1.Do your market research, it is crucial

Ashley Allison has a lot to say when it comes  to profits and how to get them! Have you been told that everything happens for a reason? Well when it comes to business, this is true because order is key.

Step 2. People have to want , then need, and lastly buy.

This is the equation you want to implement when creating marketing content for your offers. This will help you to make sure that anyone who interact with your content will engage in some kind of way. 

Step 3. Find out your pricing.

Pricing is important, so make sure you pay attention to what numbers are not getting enough attention and what is sending people away. Pricing is something that should be well thought out and researched. See what pricing is already doing well in your market with competitors. 

Step 4. Niche down as much as possible.

Expectations are given to experts, so know what you are talking about (wink wink). When you are marketing your brand, find out how you can solve a problem that hasn't been addressed by your competitors yet. This will help you to differentiate yourself from other leaders in your industry. 

Step 5. Solve their problem!

When you are networking, have a 1 line statement to tell people what you do. Keep it simple but specific. This will make it easier for others to refer your services as well as inform new people of what your business does. 

Step 6. Social media sales funnel -make one.

It will keep all your prospects separated per different reasons and allows you to know how to approach them individually. Try creating a sales funnel for each platform, especially if you drive different content to each of your profiles. 


Step 7: Show up consistently and create an irresistible offer. 

Types of content

Social proof: Who has benefitted from trying your service or product before?

Why content: Why was your service or product created?

What content: What is your service or product?

How content: How does your service or product work? 

Step 8: Use systems to get your business in multiple place at once.

Content recycling is one of the best things you can do for your business. Being able to show a consistent message across all of your platforms will help with retargeting efforts. It also helps your consumer to see that you're not just a one woman show. You're a robust business that is here to solve a problem. 

Below are some content tips that Ashley suggests to keep in mind when creating marketing content. 

Elements of your caption/video copy

Hook: Grab their attention

Sink: Highlight their problem

Body: Convince them that you know their situation

CTA: Present your offer and invite them to take action 

Here are some of Ashley's copywriting tips

- Be clear with your words, say what you mean literally-get to the point quick

- Keep your copy clean and readable, this makes your copy scroll friendly

- Proofread

- Use emojis professionally

- Be aware of "yall and heys, guys,etc)

Self analyze checklist

Ask yourself this before you post

✅ What is the purpose?

✅ What do u want your reader to feel?

✅ Will this catch their attention?

✅ Is this avatar based content?

✅ What do I want them to do?

✅ Is this able to be DM'd?

Step 9: Respond to responses

It's scary reaching out for help. Help potential clients feel at ease by answering any questions about objections early. Any responses you may get about your offer should be answered and ideally reposted. If one person is asking you a question about your offer, likely many have the same curiosity. 

Step 10: Sell the end result!- sell the answer!

Your potential client already knows what their life is like now that they have the problem you're going to solve. What they don't know is what their live will look like once your offer solves the problem. When creating your content always sell the transformation. This will inspire potential clients to want the same reality for themselves. 


* There is a difference between high and low ticket triggers (why they are buying?)

* Find your selling mistakes because every approach doesn't work on everybody and some are just not professional or efficient

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