What is a Sales Funnel? Tips on How to Make One

"Make money while you sleep!" 

We've all heard of doing so but probably have no idea how to make it happen. Well it all starts with a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a customer journey system that turns a content observer to a client. There's no better way to build a funnel than with an email list. So today we will break down the infamous, old school method of keeping up with customers and prospects. 

1. Your sales funnel should filter out certain targets with a series of content and actions.

There is a certain "flow" and order to get down to the people that will certainly buy from you. These proposals you can call "validators." 

Awareness: The potential customer finds you online through marketing efforts.
Engagement: The potential customer opts in to join your list. Usually in exchange for valuable content. 
Interest: Through a series of emails you convince the potential customer to show interest in your offer. 
Action: The customer purchases your offer.

2. Have an opt in that is a no brainer, something that will intrigue them in exchange for their email address.

Email addresses are very valuable to people so make it something that they feel will solve their problem right then and there and that there is no need to wait subscribe. The pros have to outweigh the cons of doing so.

3. ROI is important to receive in speedy fashion.

Make sure you give Your subscriber what they want right away, don't be a scam because they will unsubscribe, which might be the least of your worries. If your sales funnel includes a series of emails make sure that they are automatically set up inside your automation software to go out in specific timed intervals. 

4. Make them wait!

When creating funnels for larger offers such as memberships or one to one services, create a waiting list or seasonal offer. This will help to create scarcity and demand for your product or service. Scarcity is a mental game that has to be played with authenticity. But be sure to give clear instructions on how anyone who is on the waiting list can buy your offer when it's available. 

5. Level up! You can create a similar funnel with a more expensive product or service. 

Not every funnel is the same but once you've built your first one, you can use the framework to create funnels for your other offers. It is best if each of the funnels you create lead into one another. For example if someone opted into your email list funnel by exchanging their email for a freebie. This may be a good subscriber to enter into your introductory offer funnel. 

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