The 5 Rules you Should Know When Networking

Walking into that room and drawing natural interest sounds like a challenge when you think of it from the wrong angle. Think of yourself as "needed" and valuable enough to be in the same room with other business owners.

Everyone handles encounters in different ways, we all have coping mechanisms and triggers that make us either verbally or physically do something unwanted or embarrassing. These next tips will help you identify certain things and respond accordingly.

If you think networking if just grabbing a bunch of phone numbers and wearing nice perfume will cut it- you are wrong. Let's check out these these rules of the game.

 1. Acknowledge your personality trait (and others) and own up to it!

Depending on what personality trait you and your co worker, intern or partner have, will have a lot to do with who you hire, what kind of tasks you give them, and how you grow the relationship.

2. There are lines you don't cross

There are lines you don't cross. There are things that can come off unprofessional in the slightest way when you are not paying attention. Body language says a lot. You want to make yourself seem as "big" as possible- don't compare that with cocky. 

3. Say it with class

Yes there is a certain way to greet yourself. First impressions are everything remember?  You want to be remembered for the right reasons, and you want people to remember you for those same ones.  A pattern to your greeting will make introducing yourself smoother, easier and quite frankly even fun!'

4. Go the extra mile

Do what other people in the room wouldn't do. Find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Even if your exit from the conversation was not your best, doing something that keeps you top of mind can be fun and creative. Think of it as a toolbox of ideas. Doing this can open more doors you didn't know existed.

5. Give a helping hand

Besides being helpful yes, you want to give people contact information in a simple, concise and memorable way.  You want possible connections to take you seriously and feel that they need to keep up with you.

Now I know you are curious to more on each of these methods of connection. We go into more detail in our Ultimate Networker's Guide that you can download right now!

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