How to Set Personal Goals

It is a common saying "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail" "You reap what you sow", etc, etc

It has probably been said throughout your whole life thus far, a mantra you can't shake. Well it sticks for a reason. You cannot receive a diamond without the work. Not having a plan, a schedule if what you have next up your sleeve will have you looking empty handed when it comes time to rest. It will leave you exhausted when you don't have an order to the way you do things. You will feel like you are burning rubber with no results.

Lets take a look at some ways we can get on track for the new year and not stumble!

1: Accountability

-You have to make yourself responsible for your actions and like a child, you have to give yourself consequences for not doing something. You can give yourself a reward like a a night out or cheat day on your diet! The way to do this is to have an accountability partner. He or she will keep you on your toes and inform you when you are slacking. Doing this will keep you professional, timely and alert while running your business.

2: Journal Prompts

- Also known as motivational quotes will keep you inspired, reminding you of who has been in your shoes and has paved a way for a woman like you! Hearing someone's words in their voice can give you a spark, an idea, a fire, and the energy to keep going when you don't feel like it.

3:Content Calendar

- Have a monthly lookout of what needs to happen in your business, whether that is branding material, marketing meeting, social media posts, etc. You will be able to balance your workload better for you and your staff. You will be able to see where you can slow down to where you need to pick up the pace.

FACT : It takes 21 days to form a habit so why not start now-you are already behind!

4: Assign tasks

Give your team assignments so that everyone isn't working over each other, doing double work and missing other important areas. Create a rollover method where things on your list for you can get "rolled over" to the next day so that you are not racking your brain or on what you didn't complete.

Give yourself smaller goals so that you can achieve them faster. Celebrate the work that you have done keep it up.  Give your work life a balance and pattern, don't just randomly do things- it will come off disingenuous and/or rushed.

So what's the best way to keep track of all these methods in one place? A planner!

Well we have done some digging and found one for you! 

The Digital Goalsetting Planner: The only tool you need to crush business goals!

This planner features over 100 hyperlinked pages and is optimized for tablets and ipads. Plus access to the bonus tool vault which includes business tools, guides, and contract templates. Grab yours today to start setting and achieving your personal and business goals! 

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