Should I make a Podcast? | Podcasting 101

Podcasting is gaining moment as we speak. Over the years this industry has grown in popularity not only due to variety but money and labor costs. You may be thinking to yourself, " That's easy, I can do that, I just need a microphone and internet". Well it is not that easy anymore but that doesn't mean you shouldn't start.

Step 1:
Pick a popular genre.

You don't want to start a blog for the sake of venting. There are top genres that do better than others so make sure you do some market research. As long as you are educating or entertaining, then you are on the right track. Look at what is working and put your own spin on it.

Step 2:
Find your gender audience. 

Know who you want to talk to. This will help guide your topics, questions, interviews and mission of your podcast. It will be easier to keep podcasting when you have a clear reason why you are doing so.

Step 3:
Look for podcast platforms. 

You want to make sure that your podcasts are on platforms that people go to, to listen to podcasts. Look at their audience statistics and reputation.

Step 4:
Name yourself. 

Pick a name that can be memorable and catchy but yet tells you the ideas/vibe that will be broadcasted.

Step 5:
Submit your podcast.  

There are guidelines and requirements you have to follow in order to submit podcasts on certain platforms so make sure you have all the elements to your podcast in order.

Step 6:
Keep attention!

You have a limited amount of time to keep someone's attention so be swift, to the point, and instructional. Note that there is a limit to how much people read as well so make sure your show notes stay concise along with the time of your episodes.

Step 7:

There is always an aftershow! The mic may turn off but people are still stalking so don't forget how to reach out to them.

If you would like more details on each of these steps (oh yes there is more) then make sure you download our Podcast Startup Guide before you on launch.

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