How to Start an Internship Program for your Startup


As a college student, this is the one word that every student chases to get their foot in the door in the position, or at the least the industry that they want to be in. But what about if you are the one giving the internship? Let's break down the contents that allow for a smooth, efficient inquiring and onboarding process. 

 Have a plan

You have to know what you want your intern to do and what they cannot do. You cannot treat your intern as an assistant to do random things at random times and then have them doing nothing when things get slow. You have to have standards and, expectations and limitations. I keeps you out of trouble in the long run.


This is your chance to teach him or her the ropes. Make things easier on you and lighten the load.

Make everything important

Straight out the gate, you want everything to be of importance, it will help both you and the intern now and in the future. Don't lie, just get creative with how you word things. Take your image on and offline seriously. If you are going to run a business, it needs to sound and look  like one. It will look good on everyone's record!

Keep it legal

Yes there is a certain way to structure an internship program .There are laws that can protect you.

There has to be an agreement of both parties and everyone has to have the same goal.


You have to find a way to work more efficiently and find systems that help you keep you sane.


Always trial and error to see what working method works best for you and what your intern responds best to. Taking a step back to look at what is worth it, takes practice. Learning to respond is just as important to directing.

Weigh your options

Figure out what comes with what you are and are not paying for. It will keep the frustration level down a lot. Know what to expect and for how long.

Interview the right way

When you look for prospects, you want to stay consistent in how you interact with them This will allow you to not miss important information, or be bias. Being predictable to yourself is sometimes a good things. Prospects will give pertinent information so do get off task.

If you like what you have read so far, there is more detail where this came from in our internship guide. Download it now!

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