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Can you relate?

You have an idea for an online business but don’t know where to start because the sheer volume of information online is totally overwhelming.

You’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on programs and courses promising to help you learn how to take your business to the next level only to find the content seriously lacking…

You know that in order to succeed you have to have systems in place, but have no idea how to design and set up those systems — and because you’re bootstrapping your business, you can’t afford to hire someone to do it for you.

It feels like there’s a piece of the puzzle missing one you’d learn if you could only figure out how to grab your seat at the cool kids table.

You have a profitable business idea too.
You can actually succeed at making money online!

You need an A-to-Z business solution that doesn’t cost a small fortune and helps you learn how to stand
out in your industry!

You're thinking maybe there's too many people who do what you do.


The Bold Digital

Incubator Program

The Bold Digital is an incubator program with 8 core modules designed to help you master your entrepreneurial mindset,
build an unforgettable brand, scale your online business, and
build an all-star team that has your back the whole time.

16+ Hours of Private Expert led Education

Connect with Digital Female Founders like YOU

Get the Digital Goal Setting Planner for FREE!

Entry to annual $500 pitch competition exclusive to
members only


Your Bold Digital Incubator
Membership Includes:


And when you become a member of The Bold Digital today, you get instant access to the following Expert Lead Trainings.

You’ll learn:

Public Relations Training
Business Communications Training
Creative Delegation Training
Microinfluencer Training
Sales Funnel Training
Branding Training
Money Mastery Training
Customer Onboarding Training

Here's what other Female Founders
said about The Bold Digital...

Diana Rubio
Owner, The Strategy House

Diana owns a social media agency that helps business owners use social media to increase their brand’s visibility online. After participating in The Bold Digital, she said she really enjoyed the accessibility of the education programs and felt that she left each of the sessions with clarity about the subject presented. 

Heather Belle

Heather is a DJ who specializes in EDM and wanted to learn how to use social media to market her services to a wider audience. She loved the social aspect of the events included in The Bold Digital and found it helpful that she could attend the live versions of the coaching sessions. She said this allowed her to connect with other like-minded founders, which gave her a bit of additional support during her journey.

Brianna Jovahn
Creator,  What’s Good 

Brianna’s the creator of an award nominated podcast that strives to build genuine and authentic connections through storytelling. She was thrilled with the abundance of value she left the sessions with and the ability The Bold Digital gave her to interact with other women in the digital space and learn from experts. She said she felt like the community was a safe space to present her latest offers. 

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Not too long ago, I was right where you are.

Profitable businesses are built with quality tools but they're typically expensive. I knew in my heart this business was created to help online entrepreneurs. I knew it was meant to succeed — and to help others fulfill their dreams. BUT…I only had $20 to my name. I was laughed out of popular online masterminds… Priced out of group coaching programs… And… piecing things together DIY style - ready to pull hair out.

So I bartered and traded services until our business was making enough money to learn from successful women and hire a team of my own.Now, I’m sharing everything I learned and more with you. I don’t want you to have to barter and trade your way to success, so I gathered the experts and helped them put together training to help you succeed, tools that will help you build your brand and monthly coaching sessions that allow you to ask questions from someone who's been in your shoes.

With The Bold Digital, no woman gets left behind.

XO Shampaigne Graves

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