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Social Media Captions Calculator - Boldifi

Social Media Captions Calculator

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You know one of the best ways to make more sales? Through traffic! 

And how will you get said traffic? Through scroll-stopping social media captions that get your reader engaged. 

When your target audience is bombarded with a lot of attention-grabbing content, your job as the social media manager for your business is never easy. You will have to stand out from the noise and get the reader engaged with your content.

This powerful social media guide will give you everything you need to know to write magnetic social media captions that will turn lurkers into leads.

What’s waiting for you inside the Social Media Captions Calculator? 

  • In-depth Instructions: How to calculate the PERFECT Social Media Captions
  • Caption Formula: How to make your audience do what you want them to do.
  • BONUS! Canva Designed Instagram Templates: Never guess how to create a visually stunning feed again.


More Amazing Details 

  • Printable Guide (14 Pages)
  • Color: Red


Order today and ignite your online business with a powerful tool that will make you steps ahead of the competition.

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Self Paced

When running a business outside of your home, the last thing you need is a time sensitive program that doesn't account for the life you live outside of your business. Which is why our tools are


No Fluff, Just Strategy, and made to be completed on short timetables.


Startups are exactly that, JUST STARTING!

So we believe that providing financially accessible tools that give homegrown founders the same materials of seasoned competitors in their industries.

Without paying a small fortune.